Hello. My name is Miriam and I am a creative human from Colorado.

I built this website to serve as a portfolio for my professional products and services, and to share with the world my physical art.

My portfolio will demonstrate my abilities in across the realms of marketing and technical solutions. I have a lifetime of experience in graphic design, an education and experience with video production and editing, and my passion for technical solutions and services. 

Thanks for falling down the rabbit hole with me!

New mural now on display at Drekar!

2024 Mural

Supporting Drekar Meadery in Colorado Springs, this new mural was inspired by the Viking theme of the tasting hall, overcoming a battle, and moving forward.

2023 Mural

This first mural was inspired  by the Viking theme of the tasting hall, the sea and the earthly magic that is the northern lights. I hope you visit the mead hall and enjoy my art, and a glass of Freyr's Sail.

Curiouser Designs

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